How To Pay Less For Contacts

Finding cheap contact lenses is hard. That’s why we built Contacts Compare.

We help make finding the lowest price as simple as searching for your preferred brand and seeing which retailer offers the best price and coupons.

You Don’t Need To Buy Your Contacts From Your Eye Doctor.

For starters, there’s so much confusion around where you can even buy your contacts.

Some eye professionals make it seem like you have to buy lenses from them directly since they have your prescription. Regardless of whether you wear special contact lenses for dry eye, astigmatism or presbyopia, you can find everything you need online.

But just because you have a prescription, it doesn’t mean that you can’t shop around for the lowest price.

As long as you have a copy of your prescription you can buy from any site.

Does this mean your local optical shop will always be more expensive? Absolutely not, but you won’t know until you do your research here!

We Do The Work For You!

We search the leading contacts lens retailers to find the best price for you.

We are always adding more stores and brands to make your search even easier!